DELIVERY HOURS are Monday-Sunday 10am to 8pm


Contact us for info on eligibility to our private VIP Location

Feel free to text your order or call if you have any questions.

Please call by 7:30pm with your orders so our drivers can be back by 8:30pm, or if needed we can arrange to keep a driver on shift for later deliveries.  Thank You!!


Get 2 top shelf $15 grams for $25 everyday!!! We have Cheeba Chews (CBD, Indica, Hybrid, Sativa & Green Hornets- Sativa)


We are accepting NEW MEMBERS. Please contact us prior to providing us a copy of your VALID CALIFORNIA ID & VALID doctors recommendation via text or email. Once received & verified we will gladly meet you at a specified private or public location so that we can establish a relationship.

Contact us for info on eligibility to our private VIP!!!


We currently accept VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER


Blizzard OG (Reserve Shelf) 
Bubba OG 
Grape Kush 
Kryptonite OG (Reserve Strain) 
Nuclear OG 
OG #18  
Orange Kush 
Superman OG 
True OG Kush 
White Lotus 


Blue Cookies 
Blue Dream 
Blue Nightmare 
Gorilla Glue #4  
Northern Lights 
Platinum Gorilla Glue #4 (Reserve Shelf) 
Royal Hawaiian 
Sherbert (Reserve Shelf) 
Thin Mint 


Abusive OG 
Fire OG Shatter 
Girl Scout Cookie 
Kryptonite OG 
Master Yoda OG 
Prime Extractions Gold Label 
Prime Extractions Silver Label 
The One OG 
3 Kings 

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