Get 2 $20 grams for $35, $18 grams for $30 & 2 $15 grams for $25 everyday!!! Every Tuesday every member gets 10% off their donation (up to $25) We have  Cheeba Chews (CBD, Indica & Hybrid)

New Members and Referrals Upon Minimum Donation will receive the following gift, as a Thank You from AHC

$2.00-$17.50 will receive 10% discount

$17.50-$45.00 will receive Pre-roll or 10% discount

$46.00 or more will receive Top Shelf Pre-roll or 10% discount

  We appreciate your membership at AHC!!!


Alien OG 
Amnesia OG 
Black Cherry 
Buddha's Passion 
Fucking Incredible 
GH LA Confidental 
Jedi OG 
Lotus OG 
Neptune OG 
OG Kush 
Skywalker OG 
Silver Kush 
Venom OG 
White Star OG 


Acapulco Red 
Green Crack 
El Dorado 
Sour Diesel 
Sour Mango 
Super Silver Haze 


Alien Rock Candy 
Blizzard OG 
Green Dragon 
G-13 X Lemon Thai 
Romulan Haze 
Royal Hawaiian 
Sleestack X Skunk 

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