DELIVERY HOURS are Monday-Sunday 10am to 8pm


Feel free to text your order or call if you have any questions.

Please call by 7:30pm with your orders so our drivers can be back by 8:30pm, or if needed we can arrange to keep a driver on shift for later deliveries.  Thank You!!


Get 2 top shelf $15 grams for $25 everyday!


We are accepting NEW MEMBERS. Please contact us prior to providing us a copy of your VALID CALIFORNIA ID & VALID doctors recommendation via text or email. Once received & verified we will gladly meet you at a specified private or public location so that we can establish a relationship.



Ghostwalker OG (Exclusive Shelf) 
Grape God 
Hawaiian Kush 
LA Confidential 
OG Kush 
XXX OG (Exclusive Shelf) 
Golden OG (Reserve Shelf) 


Purple Crack 


Girl Scout Cookie (Reserve Shelf) 
Gorilla Glue #4 
Lemon Diesel X Pineapple Express (Reserve Shelf) 


Pure Nectar of The Gods Rosin Shatter 


3 Kings 
Fire OG 
Kryptonite OG Sugar Wax 
Nuclear OG 
Prime Extractions Gold Label 
The One OG 
The White Budder 


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